This site focuses on psychoanalytic perspectives as they relate to the treatment of children, adolescents, (and adults), and also describes developmental processes and their imbrications within our lives and within the treatment process. The emphasis of this site on children is based on my view that children’s need for treatment often goes overlooked and resources such as analysis are less visible than for adults in general. My description of the analytic process applies to adults as well as children; thus, this site should be considered as pertinent to “children of all ages”. The material here is also to be considered to be for educational and informational purposes only.

The pages of this site can be navigated by the buttons at the top and sides of the screen or the links provided. Two pages offer space for input from visitors and colleagues. In the page for “FAQ” your questions will be used as a starting point for further discussion and elaboration of specific issues. The “COLLEAGUE’S CORNER” page will allow fellow clinicians a forum for their ideas on topics of their own choosing. Any emails sent to me regarding these posts will be forwarded to the authors so that they can read your reactions or questions and respond directly. Useful links to professional organizations, other related sites, parenting blogs, and interesting books can be found on the last page entitled “MORE“.

I am a fully trained child and adult psychoanalyst in Chicago (ABOUT DR.C). I am offering consultation, treatment, and referral services locally. In Chicago treatment is also available at reduced fees at an award winning clinic. I will suggest resources nationally when I am able to do so.

No treatment will be offered over the internet, and nothing should be construed to imply otherwise.

The information here is no substitute for a direct consultation with a mental health professional and should be used to facilitate rather than delay such consultation.

The basic structure of this site is complete but will be revisited regularly to improve links and similar things, so I will appreciate any suggestions, comments, or questions.

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